So who is FreeHansje? And why have I started this blog?

FreeHansje is really Hans Brouwer. I live in the Netherlands, Utrecht, and have worked for the last 22 years in the IT business, the last 12 of which as a contractor.I am happily married, have no children, but that may change in the future. I like to work, but not fanatically so. If I were financially independent, I would still try to find work. Obviously this would only be work I enjoy!
Hobbies, yes there is time for that too. I like to read, even a lot, both novels and popular science books. I try to choose a subject once every two years in science and try to understand it. Subjects in the past have been philosophy, super-string theory and quantum mechanics, evolution and anthropology, multi-dimensional mathematics, semantics, more then I care to list here.
My current topic is consciousness, the theories I find at times difficult to understand, but it is such fascinating stuff…

Holidays, of course. I used to enjoy active holidays, but my wife is not into that, so the last few years I have taken on leisure holidays, which, I must admit, are very enjoyable. I must be getting old! I like to watch movies, and play games. No, not just computer games, but boardgames and role playing games as well. Stories about my gaming adventures in my blog about gaming.

In my professional life I work in the IT, as I mentioned earlier. The last 15 years I have been more and more specializing in databases, Microsoft SQL Server to be specific, which I’ll shorten to MSSQL. In those last 12 years I grew from ‘just another Database Administrator(DBA)’ to someone, who does more than that. Look at my professional page for more about this, if you are really interested.

Lately unfortunately things go very slow in the contracting business, due to the financial crisis. I have not earned enough money yet to retire, even if I wished to, so I need to do something else to generate an income. I came up with being a translator. Why? My wife is Russian and I know there is a high demand for Russian translators. However, before I  am more than proficient with Russian 1 or 2 years will have passed. A friend of mine told me recently he planned on translating German books into Dutch and try to get these published. This idea germinated a few weeks in my mind, I checked on the demand for translators for German and English, languages in which I am very good. To my surprise this demand is quite high. Sadly when reading a potential assignment people ask for experience, which I lack, and references, which I don’t have of course, being a starting translator. So hence this site with blogs in both English, German and Dutch, where I can show off my prowess in both languages and my translation skills with them. Hopefully the subjects are interesting too.


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