Titan for the Ipad in Beta, first impression.

I am so very excited! I got to test Titan Beta for the Ipad! First impression: it looks wonderful! For those who are unfamiliar with the game look here.
The graphics are gorgeous and crisp, even the big gameboard on the (relative) small Ipad screen looks great and is clear. If you know the game you easily adapt to the Ipad game mechanics. As with many adaptations of boardgames, Titan for Ipad takes care of bookkeeping and prevents arguing over rules. Nice features are:

– Splitting legions is done easily in a pop-up and dragging monsters from the old legion to the new legion.
– When moving legions your possible destinations are high-lighted and possible musters are shown.
– During a battle you are notified of possible musters. No dice rolls are shown, but the hits are clearly displayed on targets. The battle mechanic is very clear.

This is still beta, there are a few glitches I won’t go into now, they’ll be smoothed out; local play against the AI is very captivating already. Work is in progress for online play, I am very curious about that.
When it is released I will surely write a full review.


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