PR for the IPad!! It’s here!

Finally it is there! Puerto Rico for the IPad! After months of finding all kinds of holiday suggestion in the country PR, the Game is here!
I broke one of my rules and bought it without first judging it with a friend, since there seems to be no lite/trial version. But I am not disappointed, no sir-ree! They did a better job than with Small World methinks: 2-5 player options, either human players or AI opponents. I have played a few games, and I can easily best the easy AI, but have great difficulty with the medium or hard AI. I am not that good a PR-player, so this could be the cause for my demise.
I have not tried the on-line feature yet, but this looks promising: you can try and locate a friend with PR, or, as I understand it, have a random guest invited.
The gameplay is very good, the tutorial is very clear. I ran it to see how things worked in the IPad version; the layout is different from the board-game, but you get used to this very quickly.
A wonderful game, and sofar a very good buy for the fans of this game. Hopefully in the future some update will appear with some of the interesting variants mentioned here on BGG.


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