Gaming then, gaming now

I started my gaming days as an adult a long time ago. I began with Diplomacy, but quickly turned to other games. Tactical wargames: not too many units to manage, and not too much luck involved. Strategy games, like Civilization(the boardgame!), Age of Renaissance, a few others.
The first major wargame what did it for me was Battletech; today it’s called Classic Battle Tech, but then it was just Battletech. It had everything I liked: tactical concept, science fiction, heroics, real goodies and baddies, at least in the beginning, honour, noble love, the works. I played all kinds of Battletech games: on hex-boards and as a table-top game, tried out double-blind rules, for which you needed two tables, two players and a referee, one-on-one games, team-games, and campaigns! Met a guy while playing a double-blind scenario. He called me and told me he had gotten my name and phone number from a friend,who told him I played Battletech. He came over to watch the game in progress, and in the years following we played numerous campaigns, wonderful.
After Battletech I played other miniature games. I liked them a lot, still do. But nowadays I play different games, my miniatures rarely see the outside of their store boxes. I play games like Roborally, Puerto Rico, Race for the Galaxy, and so on. It’s because of my wife. When I married a few years ago she was a non-gamer. Gaming was for children, right? At first she was flabbergasted to se grown men play games, but she participated and took a fancy for it. She became quite fanatical, wanting to win badly and a sore loser. But no miniature games. She just could not enjoy it, still don’t know why. It’s not the aggression, she can be very fanatical during session. It’s not the war aspect, she slaughters any1 in her way in, say, Smallworld and likes to make your life as difficult as possible for others in Race for the Galaxy or Puerto Rico. But no miniatures and no Role playing Games. Sometimes I miss those games. On rare occasions I invite a friend, or go visiting, and play one of those games.
Alas, my love does not like that. She wants to play too, and not those stupid games, where you have to pretend to be some1 else, or where you have to move toy-soldiers around. Well, there are benefits to being married.


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