Hello and welcome.
Glad you dropped by. Maybe you arrived here by chance, or you arrived here through Proz.com and need a translator, or maybe you need an expert on database-design. Or, could you have found this link on Boardgamegeek.com?! Anyway, welcome.

I try to maintain this site in 2 languages: English and Dutch, just to prove my proficiency in those languages.

The main part consists of my blogs, both in English and Dutch, which will be about anything I find interesting. I will organize the blog at some point in the future into different subjects: gaming, computers and database-related subjects, translation and writing, and miscellaneous. Since I started this site on May 4, there will be lots of changes in the next few weeks.

I hope I have made you curious and see you back as a visitor. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or, (gasp), if you would have an assignment for me…

Have a GREAT day,

Hans Brouwer, aka FreeHansje


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